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Why Pay hundreds for SEO? It is Free when you join us


The SEO is a free service from our panel provided by Attracte SEO. User can found the it in our hosting control panel. Attracta’s core technology is a web crawler that crawls clients’ websites, creates an XML-Sitemaps and automatically submits them directly to the top search engines.

Some of the features.

  • FREE SEO Check List
  • FREE XML Sitemap Creation and Submission to top search engines
  • FREE Mobile Sitemap Creation and Submission
  • FREE Broken Links Report
  • FREE Missing and Duplicate Title and Meta Description Tags
  • FREE Social Media: Facebook, Twitter
  • Link Building Submission
  • Top Local – Search Engine Syndication to hundreds of local directories and search engines.
  • Single-Click Install for In-Text Ads, Google Analytics and many other free and paid web applications

This is just one of our features. We Still got many other features please check it << HERE>> .