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Having your own Server its easier than you think.

So what is this cloud server thing?

Cloud is a new term in 21 century and an evolutionary approach to maximize your it performance. It is a new era of hosting technology that completely different from traditional VPS or Dedicated Server that able to provide the flexibility and stability features. It is a set of pooled computing resources delivered over the internet which doesn’t place any limit to an application with the capability to scale dynamically and increase its share of resources.

Thanks for the technology and now Dayshosting are providing this great and valuable service on an affordable price.

How does it work?

Dayshosting Cloud is a true cloud platform with self-healing and automatic failover function. The Dayshosting architecture is designed to optimize cloud scalability and resilience, while enabling intuitive control over cloud resource.

The Basic theory of cloud is to have hypervisor controller and storage separately. Its architecture will having two working hypervisor server, one SAN (Storage Area Network), one backup storage and multilayer firewall within an internet pipeline. By using this type of setting, the whole system can avoid from getting total fail and inaccessible because if one of the hypervisor server down will take cover by another backup hypervisor server immediately. This saves valuable admin time to fix problems and helps to ensure maximum uptime for our customer.

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How is this better than a normal web server?

With a Cloud Server


With a Web Server


Dayshosting mission is to make website and web application faster, stable, and accessible all the time. Our Cloud server let you forgot about the ancient level of server and start trying the latest technology for your web asset.

We ready a High IO, Low Latency SANs from NetApp with SSD and 15k SAS Drives talk to HP blade Servers running the latest Xeon processor, plus all over our 10Gps Cisco powered network. All this hardware is protect under a multilayer firewall and all cloud server sit in a secure virtual VLans which efficiently preventing sniffing, spoofing or crosstalk. We provide the rapid cloud deployment, flexible billing and the unbelievable 100% uptime so what are you waiting for?

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