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Cloud Hosting Services

Sensational Hosting service has made DaysHosting™ to become one of the best hosting provider in Australia. We deliver 24/7 enterprise-level hosting services to business of all kinds and sizes around the world. We are the true cloud provider that given the world-class server infastructure on a cloud platfrom plus integrate into the world best CDN Network.

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If you already have a hosting provider and you don’t feel like changing you still can use our network to boost your trafic and to get all CDN can give to your business.

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Our 10GB Infrastructure

It is useless if a cloud didn’t have a good access to it. Dayshosting Cloud is built on a completely redundant and transparent 10Gb/s network infrastructure, we also offer all customer cloud access to a 1Gb/s port. That is 10x faster than the average dedicated server. The Dayshosting Cloud network is built on one of the most reliable networks in the industry. Couple that with a completely redundant and self-healing network design, the Dayshosting cloud is by far the least likely solution to experience latency or packet loss, no matter the conditions of the other providers..